Training module: preparing for job interviews

The final chapter of the 5th and last Inspire4Nature training session was dedicated to preparing fellows for successful job interviews, as they continue their career path in either academic or non-academic organisations.

After preparing mock applications to one of three real job offers, fellows staged mock interviews, taking turns in the role of applicants or of members of the selection committee, coming up with really challenging questions. Even if nobody got a job today, real jobs will certainly be coming soon – this lot will not stay in the job market for long!

This training module was co-organised by the CNRS and UNEP-WCMC, with the participation of Ana Rodrigues (senior researcher at the CNRS), Matt Jones (Head of Programme Business & Biodiversity at UNEP-WCMC) and Elise Belle (Senior Project Portfolio Officer at WCMC-Europe). It took place remotely, as meeting in person was still not possible.