Bravo to Scott Ford, awarded a PhD!

Huge congratulations to Inspire4Nature fellow Scott Ford, for having been awarded a PhD degree by the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), for his project on Protected-Area Dynamics: Patterns, drivers, and environmental outcomes of changes in protected-area boundaries and designations. He presented and defended his PhD project publicly today.

This project was a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen (supervisors: Ole Mertz, Martin Rudbeck Jepsen), UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Naomi Kingston) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (Thomas Brooks) and the European Environmental Agency (Brian MacSharry)

One chapter is already published:

Ford, S.A., Jepsen, M.R., Kingston, N., Lewis, E., Brooks, T.M., MacSharry, B., Mertz, O. (2020) Deforestation leakage undermines conservation value of tropical and subtropical forest protected areas. Global Ecology and Biogeography 29, 2014-2024. Open Access Repository

Scott also co-authored a second article:

Persson, J., Ford, S., Keophoxay, A., Mertz, O., Nielsen, J.Ø., Vongvisouk, T. & Zörner, M. (2021) Large Differences in Livelihood Responses and Outcomes to Increased Conservation Enforcement in a Protected Area. Human Ecology 49, 597–616 (2021). Access Repository

[Photo: Ole Mertz (left) and Scott Ford (right)]