New collaboration: Biodiversa+ GaP project

The Inspire4Nature project has formally ended, but some of the collaborations it has fostered will live on through Biodiversa+ GaP project “Guiding expansion of protection under the EU Biodiversity Strategy: Threatened species and novel methods for Key Biodiversity Area identification”.

The GaP project will be led by Inspire4Nature’s fellow Konstantina Spiliopoulou, and it will involve four of the participant organizations and several of the researchers who participated in Inspire4Nature (Konstantina, Maria Stoumboudi at HCMR; Kostas Triantis at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; Michela Pacifici and Moreno di Marco at Sapienza Università di Roma; and Andy Plumptre, KBA Secretariat at BirdLife International), as part of a larger international consortium spanning six countries (GR, DE, DK, ES, IT, UK).

GaP will be funded by Biodiversa+’s BiodivProtect call on “Supporting the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems across land and sea”, co-funded by the European Commission. Over three years, it will aim to meet two goals: strengthen the Protected Area network in the EU by identifying priority areas for safeguarding global and EU biodiversity; and influence Conservation Policy in the EU by building capacity for Key Biodiversity Area identification in EU countries and providing guidance for the expansion of Protected Areas.

Congratulations to the participants for this successful application, and looking forward to the project’s outputs!