New blog post: Offsetting the carbon emissions generated by the Inspire4Nature program

The Inspire4Nature fellows were responsible for keeping track of the project’s carbon emissions, and then choose a carbon offsetting project that can verifiably offset these emissions.
The fellows estimated that during the course of the Inspire4Nature project we have travelled a total of 358,250 km using flights, responsible for 66.248 tonnes of CO2 and 27,751 km by surface travel (mainly train), responsible for 4963 tonnes of CO2, for a total of 71.211 tonnes of CO2.
To offset the carbon emissions generated by the Inspire4Nature program, the fellows chose the Envira Amazonia Tropical Forest Conservation Project. This project is reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) by conserving nearly 200,000 ha of tropical forest while mitigating 12.5 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions over its lifetime. The project is located in Acre Brazil within the Tabocais Key Biodiversity Area. Accordingly, conservation of the site will not only contribute to climate change mitigation, but also protect important native biodiversity.
See more details about the Inspire4Nature carbon offsetting strategy in a new blog post at the fellows’ website Science4Wildlife.