Congratulations to Gonzalo Albaladejo, awarded a PhD

BRAVO to Inspire4Nature fellow Gonzalo Albaladejo, for having been awarded a PhD degree by the University College London, for his project on Understanding how terrestrial vertebrate life-history strategies shape responses to climatic seasonality and landscape heterogeneity.

This project was a collaboration between the University College London (supervisors: Tim Newbold), the Zoological Society of London (Robin Freeman) and IIASA (Piero Visconti).

As part of his PhD, Gonzalo collaborated in a publication:

Newbold, T., Adams, G.L., Albaladejo Robles, G., Boakes, E.H., Braga Ferreira, G., Chapman, A.S.A., Etard, A., Gibb, R., Millard, J., Outhwaite, C.L., Williams, J.J. (2019) Climate and land-use change homogenise terrestrial biodiversity, with consequences for ecosystem functioning and human well-being. Emerging Topics in the Life Sciences 3: 207–219. Access Repository