Bravo to Martin Beal, awarded a PhD!

Huge congratulations to Inspire4Nature fellow Martin Beal for having been awarded a PhD degree Magna Cum Laude by ISPA – Instituto Universitário! In a public presentation by videoconference, Martin presented his project on Identifying marine Key Biodiversity Areas using tracking data.

This project was a collaboration between ISPA (supervisor: Paulo Catry), BirdLife International (Maria Dias, Paul Donald, Stu Butchart), the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (Steffen Oppel) and the British Antarctic Survey (Richard Phillips).

Three chapters are already published:

Beal, M., Dias, M.P., Phillips, R.A., Oppel, S., Hazin, C., Pearmain, E.J., Adams, J., Anderson, D.J., Antolos, M., Arata, J.A., Arcos, J.M., Arnould, J.P.Y., Awkerman, J., Bell, E., Bell, M., Carey, M., Carle, R., Clay, T.A., Cleeland, J., Colodro, V., Conners, M., Cruz-Flores, M., Cuthbert, R., Delord, K., Deppe, L., Dilley, B.J., Dinis, H., Elliott, G., De Felipe, F., Felis, J., Forero, M..G., Freeman, A., Fukuda, A., González-Solís, J., Granadeiro, J.P., Hedd, A., Hodum, P., Igual, J.M., Jaeger, A., Landers, T.J., Le Corre, M., Makhado, A., Metzger, B., Militão, T., Montevecchi, W.A.,  Morera-Pujol, V., Navarro-Herrero, L., Nel, D., Nicholls, D., Oro, D., Ouni, R., Ozaki, K., Quintana, F., Ramos, R., Reid, T., Reyes-González, J.M., Robertson, C., Robertson, G., Romdhane, M.S., Ryan, P.G., Sagar, P., Sato, F., Schoombie, S., Scofield, R.P., Shaffer, S.A., Shah, N.J., Stevens, K.L., Surman, C., Suryan, R.M., Takahashi, A., Tatayah, V., Taylor, G., Thompson, D.R., Torres, L., Walker, K., Wanless, R., Waugh, S.M., Weimerskirch, H., Yamamoto, T., Zajkova, Z., Zango, L., Catry, P. (2021) Global political responsibility for the conservation of albatrosses and large petrels. Science Advances 7,Open Access Repository

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