New article: A global map of terrestrial habitat types

Inspire4Nature fellow Prabhat Raj Dahal, and senior scientists Stuart Butchart, Paul F. Donald and Carlo Rondinini are co-authors of the article entitled A global map of terrestrial habitat types, led by Martin Jung (IIASA).

Habitat loss is one of the primary causes of biodiversity decline. The authors provide a global, spatially explicit characterization of 47 terrestrial habitat types. The data will broaden our understanding of habitats globally. The data descriptor describe a new habitat map, created by intersecting best available data on land cover, land use and climate and following the IUCN Red List habitat legend.

This map is expected to be especially useful for global screenings of the distribution of the critical ecosystems, as spatial guidance for future IUCN Red List assessors and suitable habitat refinements using IUCN Red List habitat preferences.

Jung, M., Dahal, P.R., Butchart, S.H.M., Donald, P.F., De Lamo, X., Lesiv, M., Kapos, V., Rondinini, C., Visconti, P. (2020) A global map of terrestrial habitat types. Sci Data 7, 256.

(Figure from the article, under Creative Commons license ; no changes were made)