First Training Session

The Inspire4Nature training sessions are cross-project opportunities to learn about key concepts related to the science-policy interface in biodiversity conservation, to develop new skills and for fostering collaborations between the fellows. The First Inspire4Nature Training Session took place from the 31st October to the 7th November 2018 in Montpellier.

You can download the Agenda of the First Training Session from here. You can download all presentations at once from here, or individuals ones from the links below.


The international biodiversity conservation organisations of Inspire4Nature
International biodiversity conservation: global and local perspectives
Two global conservation standards: Red List of Threatened Species and Key Biodiversity Areas
Being an Inspire4Nature Fellow
  • What does it actually mean to be an Inspire4Nature Fellow? - Ana Rodrigues, including:
    • The Inspire4Nature project: objectives, structure…
    • Rights and obligations of the Inspire4Nature fellows: Work conditions, salaries, secondments, etc…
    • Scientific publications & open data in Inspire4Nature
    • The Inspire4Nature training programme: individualised training programme (PhD & more) + network-wide training programme (training sessions + joint projects)
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Gender issues in research and in Inspire4Nature