Shawn Dove

Shawn has a Masters in biological oceanography from the University of Kiel, Germany, where he studied the distribution and ecology of midwater fish larvae in the northeast Atlantic. He also holds a BSc in biology from Simon Fraser University, located on the beautiful west coast of Canada, near his hometown of Vancouver. He developed an interest in biodiversity conservation after he spent time in southeast Asia and saw first hand the effects of rampant environmental destruction.


PhD project [completed]: Advancing sampled approaches to established metrics for assessing trends in biodiversity

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Dove, S. (2022) Improving the robustness and reliability of population-based global biodiversity indicators. PhD Thesis. University College of London, London, UK.


Dove, S., Böhm, M., Freeman, R., Jellesmark, S., and Murrell, D. (2022 - in review) A user-friendly guide to using distance measures to compare time series. BioRxiv. doi:






 Academic Host

University College London
London, UK
David Murrell


Zoological Society of London
London, UK
Monika Bohm Supervisor
Robin Freeman
Mike Hoffmann
Louise McRae
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis  Laxenburg, Austria
Piero Visconti Collaborator