Marie-Morgane Rouyer

My long-life passion for the natural world and particularly the oceans has led me to study ecology and engage with biodiversity conservation from the local to the continental scale, in various places in the world. Interested in the applied side of conservation, I graduated from an international master’s in applied ecology during which I worked on identifying critical foraging sites for Antarctic penguins and evaluating how well these sites would be covered by an envisioned network of marine protected areas.



Research project [completed]: The effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas at conserving seabirds in the North Atlantic

The aim of this project was to investigate whether the current Marine Protected Area (MPA) network is effectively covering important sites for Atlantic migratory seabirds, throughout the year. For this purpose, Marie-Morgane first reviewed the existing literature and databases to identified ~ 800 tracking datasets of seabirds in the Atlantic Ocean. She then contacted > 200 data owners to establish collaboration and data sharing, who have agreed to share data on > 8000 individual birds, from > 150 colonies.

Focusing on albatrosses, she then mapped important areas for each species, and crossed these data with maps of the intensity of bycatch to highlight areas where each species is particularly exposed but not adequately covered by protected areas (namely the Argentinian shelf). These results were presented at the 2021 International Conference on Conservation Science and at the 2022 Student Conference on Conservation Science.

Marie-Morgane is continuing this work on this project as a PhD student at the University of Montpellier, extending the analyses to a broader set of species, with results to be submitted for publication in early 2023.

During her MSCA fellowship, Marie-Morgane also participated in a project led by Tatsuya Amano on the importance of non-English-language literature to biodiversity conservation.



Amano, T., […] Rouyer, M. et al (2021) Tapping into non-English-language science for the conservation of global biodiversity. PLoS Biology 19(10): e3001296. Access repository

Chowdhury, S., Gonzalez, K., Aytekin, M. Ç. K., Baek, S.-Y., Bełcik, M., Bertolino, S., Duijns, S., Han, Y., Jantke, K., Katayose, R., Lin, M.-M., Nourani, E., Ramos, D. L., Rouyer, M.-M., Sidemo-Holm, W., Vozykova, S., Zamora-Gutierrez, V., & Amano, T. (2022). Growth of non-English-language literature on biodiversity conservation. Conservation Biology, e13883. Access Repository

Academic Host

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Montpellier, France
Ana Rodrigues


BirdLife International
Cambridge, UK
Maria Dias
Paul F. Donald
Stu Butchart
UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Cambridge, UK
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