2020 – SB3 + GA3, Zoom

Third Meeting of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the decision-making body governing the Inspire4Nature Consortium, responsible for the overall management and monitoring of the project. It is composed of one representative of each participant organisation, with one vote each, with two elected representatives of the fellows as observers.

The third meeting of the Supervisory Board took place on the 11th June 2020. The agenda covered: discussion of Training Sessions T4 & T5, overview of progress in the individual training programmes, overview of the project's common funds, future management meetings, Open Access in Inspire4Nature and Data Management Plan, project deliverables and additional points. More details here.

Third General Assembly

The Inspire4Nature General Assembly brings together all the fellows and senior researchers. As an opportunity for cross-project scientific exchanges, it is an integral part of the Inspire4Nature network-wide training programme.

The third General Assembly took place on the 9th and 10th June 2020 and included a presentation by each of the fellows. More details and presentations here [also available in the fellows' intranet].


Photos of the June 2020 meeting can be found here (to better visualise them, click on the four-square icon on the top right corner; to download all of them, click on the "télécharger" button on the top right corner). Please do not tag people without their permission.

Meeting host

The June 2020 Meeting of the Supervisor Board and General Assembly were organised remotely by the CNRS.