Short Progress Reports

Short Project Reports are documents summarising the past progress and future perspectives in Individual Research Projects. The European Commission sees them as key documents for monitoring progress in training and hence they must be submitted every six months. Fellows and supervisors should use these reports as milestones in the project, opportunities for taking stock and for obtaining formal advice from each of the members of the Student Thesis Committee.

You can find below the different versions (V1, V2...) of the Short Progress Reports of every fellow. You can also download all current reports here.

  • Prabhat Raj Dahal – Advancing quantitative analyses for IUCN Red List assessments of species’ risk of extinction
  • Ivon Cuadros Casanova – How will halting biodiversity loss affect the achievement of other Sustainable Development Goals ?
  • Gonzalo Albaladejo – Global scenarios of terrestrial vertebrate diversity
  • Carmen Soria – Projected effect of global change on species’ change in extinction risk
  • Sean Jellesmark – Measuring the impact conservation makes on trends in species’ population
  • Marie-Morgane Rouyer – The effectiveness of protected areas at conserving biodiversity
  • Kathrin Holenstein – Permeability of European Protected Areas in the face of Invasive Alien Species
  • Matt Ford – Understanding impacts of scale on the Red List Index: a case study on European vertebrates
  • Shawn Dove – Advancing sampled approaches to established metrics for assessing trends in biodiversity
  • Konstantina Spiliopoulou – Tracking changes in protection of Greek Key Biodiversity Areas
  • Scott Ford – Implications of temporal dynamics of Protected Area boundaries and designations for Protected Area-based biodiversity indicators
  • Clare Lewis – Contribution of conservation areas outside formal protected areas to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development
  • Maria Lumbierres – Where will further Key Biodiversity Areas be identified? A modelling approach to focus efforts
  • João Lopes Guilherme – Understanding declines of Afro-Palearctic migratory birds
  • Martin Beal – Identifying Marine Key Biodiversity Areas using tracking data