2021 – Zoom, T5

Fifth Training Session: Job-Searching Skills

The Inspire4Nature training sessions are cross-project opportunities to learn about key concepts related to the science-policy interface in biodiversity conservation, to develop new skills and for establishing collaborations between the fellows. The fifth training session took place remotely.


Ana Rodrigues, Elise Belle, Matt Jones (WCMC Head of Programme : Business & Biodiversity)

Theory: Course Practice: academic CV & cover letter Practice: non-academic CV & cover letter Practice : job interviews
Shawn Yes Yes
Marie-Morgane Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kathrin Yes
Scott Yes Yes Yes
Martin Yes Yes
João Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Carmen Yes Yes Yes
Ivon Yes Yes
Sean Yes Yes Yes
Gonzalo Yes Yes Yes
Maria Yes Yes
Konstantina Yes
Matt Yes
Yes Yes
Training goals
  • Improve fellows’ skills on how to search for job offers, interpret them, and then apply to them successfully (CV, cover letter and interview)
Module structure and timeline


  • Course [3h30] – Tuesday 1st June 2021
    Job offers discussed in the course here.
    Presentation slides here.
    Video here (it has a 3 min gap at some point where I forgot to re-start recording after a pause, sorry)


  • Preparing a CV and a cover letter. Each fellow looked for an interesting job offer – academic, or non-academic, or one of each – and prepared a CV and cover letter as if applying to it. Ana reviewed the academic applications, Matt and Elise the non-academic ones, providing individual feedback to the fellows.
  • Preparing for job interviews. Fellows trained for job interviews by taking three different roles: candidates, members of the selection committee (in the applications of three other fellows), and observers (in the applications of two other fellows). As candidates, each fellow selected one of three job offers and prepared a mock application (CV and cover letter) for it. As members of the selection committee, they reviewed the applications ahead, and then undertook the interviews in one of three positions - as a superior, as a technical colleague, and as Human Resources representative, and finally gave feedback to the applicants. Observers reviewed the applications, observed the interviews, and gave feedback to the candidates and to the interview panel. The interviews took place on the 6-7 July, remotely (programme here).

Resources: a few job sites/portals and documents

A list of places/channels for finding academic and non-academic jobs on biodiversity conservation. If you come across others, please send them to Ana.

International portals
  • EURAXESS – Job portal of EU-funded projects. Academic, Europe.
  • Conservation Careers – Job portal dedicated to conservation jobs. Academic & non-academic, Global. (some jobs are only fully visible to members – it’s a paid service – but you can find most of them on google afterwards…)
  • Cambridge Conservation Forum – mainly UK conservation organisations, but can include other positions
  • Conservation Biology Jobs – job portal of the Society for Conservation Biology (but doesn’t seem to have many posts any more). Academic & non-academic, US-oriented.
Portals in particular countries
  • Ecodif (France) – job portal of the French Society for Ecology & Evolution. Mostly Academic, but also non-academic. Mostly jobs in France (most adverts in French).
  • Jobs.ac.uk (UK) – a widely used job portal for Academic jobs in the UK.
  • Environmental jobs (UK) – a widely used job portal for Environmental jobs in the UK.
Institutional job portals

Other dynamic organisations/labs, not in the Inspire4Nature Consortium:

  • Follow people/institutions you would like to work with
  • #Conservationjobs – Academic & non-academic, Global.
  • @ConservationCareers – Academic & non-academic, Global (linked to the above-mentioned Conservation Careers portal)
  • ConservationJobs – Academic & non-academic, Global.
Listservs (not dedicated to jobs, but through which job offers circulate)
  • ECOLOG-L: listserv of the Ecological Society of America, linking ecologists worldwide but mainly US.
Research (postdoc) fellowship programmes