2021 – Zoom & Amiens, T5

Fifth Training Session: Job-Searching Skills

The Inspire4Nature training sessions are cross-project opportunities to learn about key concepts related to the science-policy interface in biodiversity conservation, to develop new skills and for establishing collaborations between the fellows. The fifth training session will start remotely and (fingers crossed) finish at Amiens.

Preparing for T5: compiling sites where jobs are posted

Send suggestions to Pauline!

  • EURAXESS – Job portal of EU-funded projects. Academic, Europe.
  • Conservation Careers – Job portal dedicated to conservation jobs. Academic & non-academic, Global.
  • Conservation Biology Jobs – job portal of the Society for Conservation Biology (but doesn’t seem to have many adverts any more). Academic & non-academic, US-oriented.
Particular countries
  • Ecodif (France) – job portal of the French Society for Ecology & Evolution. Mostly Academic, but also non-academic. Mostly jobs in France (most adverts in French).
  • Jobs.ac.uk (UK) – a widely used job portal for Academic jobs in the UK.
Institutional job portals
Postdoc fellowship programmes

Preparing for T5: a little collection of (potentially interesting) job adverts

This is a little collection of jobs potentially interesting to fellows, that we will use as a basis for the training session. Ignore location, what we’ll be analysing is the job description and skills required. Please send suggestions to Pauline!

  • Post-doc in Macroecology, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL
  • Research Ecologist, British Trust for Ornithology
  • Policy Officer in Protected Areas, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  • Programme Management Officer on the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Associate Programme Officer, Business and Biodiversity Programme, WCMC

T5 programme

  1. Theory: Course on job-searching skills (zoom, sometime in June)
  2. Practice: Preparing a CV & cover letter for an application
  3. Practice: Interviews (Amiens – fingers crossed – 5-9 July)