Training meetings

Documents related to the project’s training meetings (e.g., agenda, list of participants, presentations).

Montpellier Oct 2018 - 1st General Assembly + 1st Training Session

The Montpellier meeting included: the First General Assembly (30 October) and the First Training Session (31 October – 7 November). More details here.

Rhodes April 2019 - 2nd Training Session

The Rhodes meeting included the Second Training Session (4 April – 11 April). More details here.

Rome Sept 2019 - 2nd General Assembly + 3rd Training Session + Mid-Term Check

The Rome meeting included the Second General Assembly (25-26 September), the Third Training Session (18-24 September) and our Mid-Term Check (27 September). More details here.

Zoom June 2020 - 3rd General Assembly

The third General Assembly (GA3) was initially planned to have taken place in Marseille in June 2020 (with the Fourth Training Session). Due to the Covid19 crisis, it took place remotely. More details here.

Zoom 2020 - 4th Training Session

Due to the Covid19 crisis, the fourth Training Session took place remotely. More details here.