You submitted an application – what next?

Thank you for having applied to our PhD positions!

Please be reassured that we are treating your applications very carefully. But keep in mind that we have received hundreds of messages, and it will take time to process them all; so you need to be patient. Here, you can read about the steps from reception of your applications to the positions being offered. You can also find out where we currently are in relation to those steps: we will keep this page updated, so check it regularly if you haven’t heard from us and are wondering if it is normal.

1. Processing of applications (finished)
  • Application to positions 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 (sent to after we received your application, we checked that it respected the guidelines: e.g., all required documents submitted, CV and cover letter anonymised, sent within the deadline… We then sent you an acknowledgement that your application was received, or that it could not be accepted. All candidates should by now have received this message (a separate confirmation email for each application submitted).
  • Applications to positions 1, 2, 4, and 13 (sent to the University of Sapienza): not all candidates have yet received a message of acknowledgement, but in the meantime the shortlisting process is progressing quickly.  So all candidates will receive a reply to their application soon.
  • Applications to positions 11 and 12 (sent via the UCPH website): you will have received an automated reply when you have submitted. You will not receive any further acknowledgement of application.
  • As we are now past the deadline for all positions, please do not send any new applications – they will not be accepted.
  • Unless we have asked you to, please do not send us any updates to previously submitted applications (e.g., new documents; corrections to the previous documents) – they will not be considered.
2. Short-listing of applications (finished)
  • For each position, the anonymised applications are sent to the respective Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee will select a small number of applicants (about 5) to interview.
  • Soon after the 15th of May, you will get a message: either inviting you to the interview, or saying that your application was not shortlisted (we will do our best to respect this timing, but we may need more time – please check this page again closer to the date for updates).
  • This process is independent for each position; so if you applied to more than one position, you will receive a separate reply for each.
  • Please do not contact the members of the Selection Committee: this will work against you, rather than in your favour, as the short-listing phase should be as anonymous as possible.
  • We may ask you for additional documentation to ensure that you are eligible (e.g. proof of residency). We will contact you if needed, do not send any additional documents unless we ask you to.
  • Do not send (or ask someone to send) reference letters. The members of the Selection Committee will contact referees directly if needed.
  • This process is now finished. All candidates should have by now received a message letting them know if they were shortlisted or not.
  • Note: we are having problems with hotmail addresses! If you are still waiting for a reply and have a hotmail address, please email us at from a different email address.
3. Interviews (finished)
  • Interviews will take place from the 29th May to the 12th June. Candidates invited to the interviews will be given a more precise schedule.
  • All interviews will be by Skype. You will need a good-quality internet connection in a quiet place.
  • If you have applied for multiple positions and the interview dates overlap: don’t worry, we will ensure you are not asked to do multiple interviews at the same time! You may however need to do multiple interviews in the same day.
  • The interview process differs from position to position – follow the instructions given to you.
4. Position offered to the selected candidates (ongoing)
  • After the interviews, each Selection Committee will rank the shortlisted candidates in order of adequacy to the position.
  • For each position, the top candidate will be offered the position.
  • If the top candidate does not accept the position, it will be offered to the second candidate; etc.
  • If you are offered multiple positions, you will be able to select the one you prefer.
  • Positions can only be offered to candidates for which there is no doubt that they are eligible.
  • You should know soon after your interviews if you have been selected.