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Project 1 - Advancing quantitative analyses for IUCN Red List assessments of species’ risk of extinction
Project 2 - How will halting biodiversity loss affect the achievement of other Sustainable Development Goals?
Project 3 - Global scenarios of terrestrial vertebrate diversity
Project 4 - Projected effect of global change on species’ change in extinction risk
Project 5 - Measuring the impact conservation makes on trends in species’ populations
Project 6 - The effectiveness of protected areas at avoiding species extinctions
Project 7 - Permeability of European Protected Areas in the face of Invasive Alien Species
Project 8 - Understanding impacts of scale on the Red List Index: a case study on European vertebrates
Project 9 - Advancing sampled approaches to established metrics for assessing trends in biodiversity
Project 10 - Tracking changes in protection of Greek Key Biodiversity Areas
Project 11 - Understanding the implications of temporal dynamics of Protected Area boundaries and designations for Protected Area-based biodiversity indicators
Project 12 - Contribution of conservation areas outside formal protected areas to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development
Project 13 - Where will further Key Biodiversity Areas be identified? A modelling approach to focus efforts
Project 14 - Understanding declines of Afro-Palearctic migratory birds
Project 15 - Identifying Marine Key Biodiversity Areas using tracking data

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